10 Tips to Help Children Learn Language English

10 Tips to Help Children Learn Language English

Learning a language foreign , including language English course for kids could be done since children aged early .

Often the parents to send children to study in place courses language English and did not help him to learn at home .

In fact , the child will be able to learn and practice the language of English to be better at home .

If the parents can help the child to learn English of course they will be more easily mastered .

There are many ways to help children learn languages English at home .

No need to force the child to be able to master the language English with quickly .

kids are different method from English for adults , you can read more about it

You can do it with the tips are easy and fun as that mentioned below this !

• Provide favorite books

There are many ways to help the little studied languages English at home and not just in place courses language English only .

Read books speak English also can help children to learn a language is to be easy .

Of course, if only to learn the language English of any book of the child will find it difficult .

For that , you can give children their favorite books so that children will be more interested in reading .

By reading the book of his favorite child will learn language of English also with fun and when he found the vocabulary that is not yet understood of course he will seek with itself .

Accompany the child while reading books and give an understanding of the story plot if the child does not understand .
• Learn languages together

Not all the parents proficient speaking English by because it is not why if the parents come learn together with children .

By learning together of course you and the children you will have the interaction that is more better and can practice it immediately .

If children get the material from where the course language English that he follow , you also can join to learn .

Lai n the case when the parents are already quite adept at speaking English , you still can learn together with children to develop the ability of language languages English and train the child to carry out a conversation .
• Use language English at home

One of the ways that powerful to learn languages English together with children is to use it at home .

Aka n there are many occasions where the parents and children can use the language of English as the conversation daily .

Besides that , the parents also can give the task to the child in terms of the light using the language English . like if you asked him to clean the room or tidy up his toys .

You also can use the language of English to convey something that you would do as if you there are going to go shopping or cook food .

By frequently practicing and using the child will more quickly learn the language English and understand vocabulary that is associated with activity in the vicinity .
• Take advantage of technology

In addition to sending a child to place the course language English , you also still can learn together with children at home with the help of technology when it .

Many devices such as mobile phone or tablet when it can be used to learn the language with easily .

If you use the Gawai to learn a language , you can set the language in the gadget that by using the language English .

Selaim set the language on the phone or device else, you also help children learn languages English by using the game or games .

Games with language English to be more easily learned by children as very pleasant .

If the child is not too like to use the game, you also can use the social media as one of the ways to train language of English .
• Don’t worry if they are wrong

One thing you need to remember is that you don’t have to worry if your child makes mistakes or speaks the wrong language in English .

Sometimes children incorrectly pronounce words in language English or sentence .

Do not need hasty in demanding perfection child in speaking English because the child would require time to learn .

No need to worry , when children do or wrong to speak in the language of English you can justify it .

Children will learn from these mistakes and improve their abilities little by little .
• Focus on vocabulary

If children start to learn languages English , things first that became the focus is vocabulary and not the grammar and grammar of language .

In place courses language English is usually the child is to be taught , but not to become a benchmark .

When you want to help children learn language English in outside school and course language English , you can help to expand vocabulary .

By multiplying the vocabulary of course, the child will be able to converse with the language of English although not so adept at using grammar.
• Mixing of languages

Every now and then the parents also can mix the language of the mother or the language of Indonesia with the language of English so that the child is more easily studied .

Mixing language or are known by the code mixing is commonplace encountered in families that use two languages .

Code mixing is not a problem major that need you worry because by mixing the language actually children are also being studied with the well .

Ag ar no confusion when learning two languages at once , preferably one language has a speaker for example, only the father only or mother only who speaks in one language .

By way of this child will be easier to learn vocabulary in language English bit -by- bit .
• Watch TV or movies together

Doing activities that delight certainly will add interest to learn the child .

How more to expand vocabulary and help children learn the language English is to watch a serial tv or movies with language English .

When this there are a lot of programs and films of children who use the language of English so that you do not need to worry if a child watching a movie that is not appropriate .

Choose a movie or series that your child likes so that he is more interested in watching it .

Stay with your child while watching so that you can also help them learn new vocabulary or explain the story line to them .
• Sing or play together

In addition to watching the movie, you also can learn languages English together children by using rhythm or song .

Singing together is the activity that is fun and when is there a lot of songs of children with language English which can be obtained by easily via the internet.

If the child has a song preferences You also can practice the language of English by using the song are .
• Provide English language courses

Kids usually learn languages English at school and the parents also will help her learn at home .

If you often feel hassles or do not have much time to spare to learn along with the child , you can send a child to the point of the course language English that can help him learn to be good .

By following the course language English child can learn from a mentor or teacher who is already experienced .

They can also study with their peers .

Do not scold the child if Iya continue to use the language of English at home while you do not understand anything that is said .

Continues to support the child to remain to follow a course language English that he select and invite practicing any of your own time .

That’s some way that is effective and fun to help children learn languages English at home other than in place courses language English that he visited .

With the support and help of the parents , the child would be able to learn more maximal and can master the language of English with more quickly .

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