Feng Shui and Healthy Design Tips For Teen Bedrooms

Feng Shui and Healthy Design Tips For Teen Bedrooms

Getting ready for a new school year? Sharing a dorm room? Parents, do you want to set up your kids for success in the upcoming school year? You can use feng shui principles to help in the upcoming academic career. First, look at the Knowledge area of your bedroom (the CLOSEST LEFT CORNER from the entryway looking INTO the room). Is the desk and computer there? Is it clutter free or a mass of books, notebooks and paper? If this is the case, re-visit previous clutter articles. If not, here are some tips to help you:

· At home, hang a crystal over your desk to increase the chi.

· Place a piece of amethyst on your desk to increase your concentration when you study. You can even use a larger piece as a paperweight!

· If organization is an issue, color-code each class. Match up notebooks and folders to each subject-maybe match them to the book’s cover to help.

· On your computer, delete old emails, files and folders that you are done with. It will lessen the “clutter” you have to wade through to get to the file that you need.

· If your desk is by a window, make sure that there are curtains to close when you study, so you aren’t compelled to go outside and play when you need to concentrate.

· When choosing your seat in class, avoid sitting by the window as well. This will cut down on daydreaming and force you to pay attention to what the teacher is saying. Instead, try and sit front and center.

· Stay away from the back row in a classroom, as there are too many distractions and it’s too easy to “hide.”

· Sit under a light. Dim lighting can make you drowsy and is bad for your eyes as it causes eyestrain.

· Use color to keep you in the scholarly mood: choose light green notebooks for subjects that stress you out, decorate your locker with yellow to keep you upbeat throughout the long school day, dress in navy blue to look smart (and for when you have to give oral presentations) and use rainbow stickers on school supplies or in your locker to keep in harmony with your surroundings.

Make sure the KNOWLEDGE area of the bedroom/dorm room is clutter-free (!) and organized. You want to be able to access books, notebooks, folders/files, pen and computer when you need them and make the most of the time when you are in “that study mode.” The color blue should also be used here. If blue isn’t in your room’s color scheme, bring in blue with fresh flowers, picture frames, or better yet, a blue area rug under your desk and chair!

OK-you’ve got school and studying aced, but how do you increase your circle of friends and get along better with your siblings and parents? You can apply your knowledge of the Bagua board, and how to activate the nine life areas, to your wardrobe (ex: where red to a party to get noticed by more people), to where you sit in the library (ex: sit in the Knowledge area to maximize study time) and by reducing clutter in the Family area or your bedroom to help improve a positive “energy flow” in your relationship with your bossy, older sister.

Let’s address your social life (friends and romantic relationships), by starting in the Relationship area (FAR RIGHT CORNER) of your bedroom. Make sure it’s clutter free. If not, go back and review the clutter articles. Here is where you want to display all the photos of you and your friends having fun. Place a bulletin board here where you can add photos, invitations, calendar and ticket stubs.

Your Relationship area is where you should place a photo of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend. If you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend, but would like to date more (with parent’s approval), try placing items in pairs (this signifies a “couple”). Items displayed singularly (one) represents being solo, and things displayed in threes mean a third person always coming between you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend. Pink is the color of choice here. I know some of you will cringe at the thought of PINK (ugh), however, this is the color used to activate this area and the color of self-love. Self-love means loving and liking yourself. You need to do that before anyone else will! A simple and great way to activate this area is to find a rose quartz heart-this brings in the color pink and the earth element, as well as being the symbol for love! For the guys who want nothing to do with pink hearts, try a piece of pink cloth or a pink ribbon and hide it under a book. A feng shui “cure” unseen works just as well as a “cure” that is seen. It’s the intention and thought towards a goal that is really at work here.

When working on the Relationship area, you can’t just hope that by placing a heart in this area all will be perfect with your friends or that you will meet/date/marry the person of your dreams. You need to get out there and try to make things happen. Here are some tips on how not to be a wallflower:

· Relax…. take a deep breath as a calm you creates a confident approachable you.

· Remember the Bagua board! Look at where the Relationship or Success areas are at a party, the lunchroom, study hall…wherever kids congregate and observe what happens. Then get yourself over there and take part.

· Stand straight. Think clean and graceful lines when standing or sitting, as awkward angles look awkward and uncomfortable and unapproachable.

· Most importantly, be yourself. You have a lot to offer, don’t settle for less or lower your expectations.

· Wear shimmery pink lip-gloss for your next date to appear charming to the cute guy in your English class. For the guys, wear a red sweater to add some excitement and to get noticed by that cute girl in your homeroom.

Now that you’ve got some new friends, or have re-connected with your current group, here are some party ideas with a “feng shui twist.”

The first one is for a Yin party. Yin brings about the quiet, relaxing, cooling and feminine principles of the Yin/Yang symbol. You want to have a Yin party (or just bring some Yin into your life) when you want a relaxing, rejuvenating party where you can talk and connect with your friends. This can be for a good “chit-chat” with your girlfriends or watching a sporting event with your guy friends. Decorate in blues, grays and purples with bamboo stalks and bowls of oranges (great for a late night snack!) for abundance and happiness. Serve foods that are light and cooling:

· Cucumber and Tomato Sandwiches-Cucumber, tomato and lettuce make this simple sandwich. Remember to take off the crusts and cut into little triangles to make special.

· Fruit Salad w/Ice Cream and Honey-Cut up apples, oranges, strawberries or any other fruit you’d like. Serve with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzle with honey. Yum!

· Citrus Splash-Fill glasses with ice cubes and seltzer, then squeeze in fresh orange and lemon juice.

· Warm Peppermint Tea w/Honey- on those cold fall/winter nights, put a kettle on and make a pot of peppermint tea. Stir in a spoonful of honey. Mmmmmmmm….

· Salsa and other Dips w/chips-A tomato salsa with tortilla chips or veggies with dip are a good cooling treat for a night of watching TV or movies. You also don’t have to be a chef to put this together for your friends.

The second is a Yang party. Yang means fun, action, heat and lots of socializing. A Yang party is for a huge group of people to dance, talk and mingle to the wee hours. Decorations for this party should include: reds, lanterns, bright lights and lots of dance music. Serve foods that are rich, dark, warm and gooey:

· Cheese Roll-Ups-Roll pieces of chicken or ham (can use vegan alternatives) with lettuce and cheese. Stick a toothpick through the center of each roll to keep together.

· Peanut Butter and Chocolate Graham Cracker Sandwiches-Break a chocolate bar into large pieces. Spread peanut butter onto each piece and sandwich it between two graham crackers

· Chocolate Shake-Break up a couple of chocolate bars and stick them in a blender with one cup of ice cream and one cup of milk. Blend on high until smooth and creamy.

· Banana Boats-Slice a banana down the middle and alternate chocolate chips and mini-marshmallows in the banana. Wrap in aluminum foil and bake for 5 minutes at 300 degrees (until the chocolate is melted). Really gooey and good!!!!

Some other feng shui food for your soul:

· Fortune cookies-corny, yes, but who doesn’t rip open that cookie waiting to see what the fortune cookie gods say waits in store for us?

· Mangos-represents abundance

· Oranges-represent abundance and happiness

· Noodles and peanuts-ensure a long life

· Steamed dumplings-for good fortune

All right, you have been working on your grades and your social life is going gangbusters, but what about your irritating little brother or your parents who are just embarrassing? You want to first look at the Family area of your room and make sure it’s clutter-free. If not, refer back to clutter articles. This area is where you want to display family photos. When deciding on what photos to use, look for pictures that show you happy with all of your family members. Make sure all of your family members are pictured and that you are in the photos as well. This will give the energy of you all literally being one big happy family. To really “feng shui” your family, find the Family area in your house and apply the same tips.

Look at the bathroom in your home as well, especially if you have to share a bathroom with your siblings. Clutter in the bathroom is a given in most homes, but it shouldn’t be. Involve your parents and siblings in on de-cluttering this space. Get rid of all old, expired medications and make-up (6 months is the norm) as they are past their usefulness and effectiveness. Do a thorough cleaning of the sinks, tub and toilet (natural cleaners please!). It is important that when working on spaces shared with other family members, that you get your parents permission. Include them in the process and use this as on opportunity to find common ground and create some new memories. Here are more bathroom tips:

· Keep all drains covered (no exposed pipes), seats down and door shut. You don’t want all the good energy to “go down the drain!”

· Hang a crystal between the door and toilet if you see the toilet immediately upon entering the space. A small plant on the tank of the toilet will also keep energy moving up.

· Make sure the mirror is large enough and hung to reflect your head, and all who use this room.

· Use décor in here that will bring your eye up. Wallpaper border is perfect here! Funky lights and upward growing plants will also keep your eye, and energy moving up.

· Turquoise candles will help you feel pampered and relaxed.

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