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UMCN – Lister is an application and website or learning platform that facilitates you to learn languages. Not only English, but also other languages ​​such as Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, German, etc.

By following the online curriculum and guidance on Lister you can learn foreign languages ​​online, this will make it very easy for you because you are not required to come to places, which will also make your study time flexible. Not only that, Lister has previously placed and provided recommendations for you according to your language ability level so that the lessons given can be precise.

Here are some steps on how online courses on listers work

  1. After completing the registration form which can be accessed on the lister’s website,, you will be asked to work on certain questions. This is a placement test that will determine where you can get the appropriate class. So after the results come out, you will be assigned the appropriate class along with people who are at the same level as you.
  2. Live face-to-face classes will also be held if you are already a member of the Lister. This live online class will use video conference, which is a video call application that is very easy to use. And the good news is, you can also adjust the schedule according to your own schedule, so you are free to choose which class you can join.
  3. In addition to interactive live online classes, you can also access learning materials in the form of videos. This video also has high quality and can be accessed forever by those of you who have registered and made payments. So for a very affordable price, you can get lifetime access to these videos!
  4. Then the live online class that has been completed, you can watch and review again, because the class is recorded into the system, and of course uploaded. This will make it easier for those of you who are left behind a material or two and want to repeat it again
  5. You also don’t need to be afraid because there is a team of consultants and a team of IT professionals who are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to solve your unexpected problems. If you have difficulty accessing your application or account, you can report it at any time.

Lister also has various kinds of testimonials that come from various alumni on Lister, of course, you can find this testimonial on the Lister website. One of them came from Aisyah Nusa Ramadhana who was an Airlangga University student when she enrolled in Lister. There he said that for him, Lister is not just a regular online class, but also provides a supportive environment for learning English. Studying at Lister also allows her to study anywhere and flexibly. With Lister, he finds fun ways to study with tutors who are skilled but also very friendly. Finally, Lister gave Aisyah to be more confidence in speaking English 

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So there is no need to doubt because you can have a very pleasant experience by studying in Lister, because Lister has received a lot of awards, thanks from various alumni, to various forms of support that are not only about learning languages, but more than that Lister helps you to achieve your dream!

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