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Multi Kemas Plastindo

MKP – Multi Kemas Plastindo is a distributor of Stretch Film which is engaged in plastic packaging. MKP Stretch Film distributors are located in Bandung and can serve purchases through the page.

What is Multi Kemas Plastindo?
Multi Kemas Plastindo (MKP) is a company engaged in the production of plastic packaging, especially PVC, POF, PE Shrink Film, and plastic packaging or Shrink Film Specialist.

MKP is also the official distributor of PT Ultra Prima Plast (UPP) which has the quality standards of several companies. Such as PT Energizer Indonesia, Energizer Malaysia, International Chemical Industry Co. LTD, and others. MKP products have received ISO 9001: 2008 certificate, which is an international standard for quality management or quality of a product.

Multi Kemas Plastindo is located at Jl. Bahagia Permai 1 no. 17 Kec. Buah Batu, Bandung City 40286 West Java.

every working day from 09.00 WIB to 17.00 WIB.

Multi Kemas Plastindo also has social media, including on the Multi Kemas Plastindo Facebook page and the Instagram page @multikemasplastindo.

MKP as a Stretch Film Distributor provides various types of plastic wrapping for your needs.

Stretch Film Distributor

In the midst of the excitement of the entrepreneurial world, plastic packaging has become an inseparable part. Starting from the function to be a product label, product seal, as a wrapper for several products to a packaging and protector of a product pallet.

Stretch film is a type of plastic packaging that has several functions as mentioned above. To get this type of plastic stretch film, there are several distributors who provide distribution services for company needs as well as for individual needs.

The following is an explanation of the definition, function and types of distributors, an explanation of stretch film and stretch film distributors.

Multi Kemas Plastindo
Multi Kemas Plastindo

Definition of Distributor

In the Big Indonesian Dictionary, the word distributor means a person or entity that has the task of distributing goods (merchandise); or as a distributor of merchandise.

Adapted from, a distributor in economic terms means a person or a group that has the function of delivering products to end consumers.

According to expert Agus Sardjono et al. in his book entitled Commercial Law (pp. 111-118), intermediary traders regulated in the Indonesian Commercial Code (KUHD) include trade exchanges, brokers, cashiers, commissioners, forwarders and carriers.

Distributors are examples of intermediary traders who are not included in the special regulations of the KUHD.

Distributors in carrying out their duties are buying goods or services to producers which are then resold to retailers or sold directly to individual consumers.

stretch film distributor

One type of plastic that is used as distribution material is stretch film. Here’s the explanation:

Definition of Stretch Film

There are many types of plastic wrap, one of which is stretch film. Stretch film, also known as stretch wrap, is a type of plastic film that has high flexibility and elasticity. Usually functions as a wrapper.

As a wrapper, stretch film is usually applied to join several pallets.

This plastic can also combine several items into one complete load.

There are several types of stretch films, namely extended core stretch film, hand stretch film, static dissipative film, bundling stretch film and machine stretch film.

Stretch Film Function

Apart from being a pallet binder and wrapping goods, there are several other functions of stretch film. stretch film. Namely:

  1. Keeps pallets and contents from direct contact with high levels of dust and moisture during storage and shipping.
  2. Extend the shelf life and storage of certain types of foodstuffs, especially fresh or perishable and expired foods.
  3. Protects the palette from direct sunlight – for stretch film type with UV protection.
  4. Increase the stability of pallets or products. Can make the pallet pool more balanced and can bear the load of pallets.
  5. Makes pallet units easy to move and store during the storage and shipping process, especially when in warehouses.
  6. Has a high level of durability to protect pallets from various causes of damage as well as reduce the theft rate of packages in pallets.

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