PT. WILLY PERMATA AIR is a company engaged in groundwater drilling. PT. WILLY PERMATA AIR is the development of Raja Bor Sumur Bekasi which has been established since January 25, 1998.

Starting from managing a business, marketing small-scale services and due to the increasingly rapid progress of times and very rapid development, in 2019 we are determined to step up to compete towards a large scale .

Armed with sufficient knowledge and experience, PT. WILLY PERMATA AIR participates in developing the surrounding community by providing jobs to people who have potential.

The main objective of the establishment of PT. WILLY PERMATA AIR is a form of participation in order to preserve the environment and contribute to the surrounding community as well as to become a strong, professional drilling company in tune with the times.

The satisfaction of our partners is a parameter of the success of the innovation we provide for services and moral responsibility that is always upheld in doing the job right.

It is an honor and a challenge for us if partner companies give us confidence, so that every work and innovation development can be applied to all work that the company gives us.




“To be the first and best drilling company in its class to meet consumer needs and inspiration”


Creating competent human resources who have integrity, creativity and positive values
Improve the quality of quality services in the field of drilling services
Work responsibly towards partners, communities and the work environment
Creating a harmonious relationship with the stakeholders (stakeholder)


Why do you have to drain the borehole, which must be smelly water because of the ingress of animals or cloudy water due to silting in the borehole.

Turbid water due to silting can be detected in the flow of the well’s water pump which is getting slower over time, because the water pump suction power is greater than the rice, the discharge of the water source in the well, in other words, is not balanced.

The occurrence of silting is caused by sand in the borehole, most likely the sand passes through the borehole pipe screen.

In good condition, the Jet Pump Borehole or the Deep Drilling Well, if it has not been used for a long time, we recommend Flashing or Draining first before installing a water pump machine, either a Jet Pump Water Pump or a Submersible Pump for water collection.

The Purpose of Flashing or Drilling Well Drain:

  1. Overcoming cloudy and smelly well water
  2. Overcoming the well filled with mud or the well experienced silting.

It is an obligation and must be carried out for all companies, hotels, hospitals or other agencies that have deep well drilling to extend permits for groundwater extraction.

If a company is discovered that a company is taking groundwater without a permit, the fine that will be given by the authorities is quite expensive. In view of Government Regulation Number 121 of 2015 concerning Business of Water Resources Therefore,

as a company that deals with groundwater drilling, we provide services to extend drilling permits for companies whose groundwater extraction has expired.

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