The Shocking Truth About Amway And The HIP Group

The Shocking Truth About Amway And The HIP Group

Before you consider being a part of the long-running and ever-growing Amway opportunity, there are a few things you must really consider in order to determine whether you will succeed or fail in this industry.

As a network marketing company, Amway in Australia has been around for decades. As the years have gone by, their products have not only evolved but they have also acquired new ranges to cater to almost any industry. From health and wellness, cleaning products, energy, jewelry, skincare and other consumable products. The HIP Group is pretty much a large group of distributors or IBOs (Independent Business Owners) from a particular team has been growing strong and stable for years in the game all the same. As strong and supportive this group is with top leaders and veterans, there are things you have to know before you consider being a part of this team.

Firstly, the system they use to grow their organization is basically the QI System, which is very simple and easy to follow using a brochure and an interview process followed by an invite to an Amway presentation where a top level distributor or IBO will speak about the opportunity. This is pretty much standard through most network marketing companies to grow and recruit new distributors for their organization.

Although this method has been used and refined for years and Amway and the HIP Group have definitely provided a lot of value in terms of education towards the entrepreneurial mindset from their partnership with the IDA system, there are still a lot of distributors out there struggling to grow their enterprises each day. Using the QI System alone, very large organizations were built this way. However, could there be a more efficient, faster, and more targeted way of growing your network marketing business?

The fact is that old methods still require you to try and harass your circle of influence, talk to as many people as you can and ‘get through the numbers’. Let’s face it – approaching random people and calling everybody on your contacts list can take up quite a bit of time during your day. But then what happens when either you don’t have time or you’ve exhausted your entire network? When I first started in network marketing, I exhausted my entire contact list within less than a week.

The problem that 97% of network marketers face is a LACK OF LEADS. Once you’re leads are dried out, once you have nobody else to contact or put your opportunity in front of – then you’ve lost the game. Regardless of the simplicity of the QI System and how it has been responsible for building huge organizations, modern technology and the change of different trends have opened up more opportunities to help you grow your Amway organization.

Methods such as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising, E-Mail Marketing, Blogging, etc. have now increased our ability to market and showcase OURSELVES as well as more powerful resources like Autoresponders, article directories, video marketing and many other efficient and cost-effective mediums out there.

In fact, using systems like these, you can still use the QI System and keep cold calling people, but with the power of the Internet boosting your efforts, you can generate fresh and qualified leads to your Amway business every single day – automatically!

How much faster will your business grow if you have dozens, even hundreds of people to contact about your business on a daily basis?

And not only that, how much faster will your business grow if those people you contact are already qualified?

That is the new way to build your Amway business. While the 97% of other IBO’s are struggling with people to do their QI’s, the top 3% that know the methods of systematizing their business fully are sitting there leveraging technology to work for them.

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