Things to Consider Before Investing in African Countries

Things to Consider Before Investing in African Countries

There are fifty-five countries in the continent of Africa. Out of these fifty-five countries are twelve countries that are categorized as semi-developed countries due to their middle-income economies. The rest of the forty-three countries are either underdeveloped or still developing. These semi-developed African countries are South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Djibouti, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Western Sahara, Algeria, and Morocco. Although, income is not evenly distributed in these countries, your participation through investment will be a teaching moment to any of the countries you choose to invest in. The entire continent needs to be explored, invested, and developed. While you make money with your investment in a country, you will directly or indirectly engage in the development of that country. It is like killing two birds with one stone. All the fifty-five African countries are virgin countries with untapped resources. They are rich in one or more of the following: mineral, natural resources, fertile agricultural land and food products, organic materials, oil and oil products. African continent needs to be tapped and processed of its resources.

Before you think of investing in Africa, you need to consider what you seek to accomplish, and also consider how your investment would help you, and also help in the development of your country of choice. While you are investing in a country, that country will also learn and gain knowledge of your culture, your business ethics, and how western or developed world engages in business operations. This is a good way these countries can learn and practice knowledge gained than imposing sets of rules by developed countries. Imposition of rules is not the most effective workable approach in Africa countries. It will only create cause for deception and lack of trust by affected countries. Your expertise will enhance any country’s ability in dealing with distribution of its wealth through employment, and other social and economic programs that will encourage and stimulate trickling down of wealth from those who have it to those who do not have it.

I urge you do a thorough research of any country or countries that interest(s) you. Seek for what you are interested in, have knowledge for, and which countries have them. For example, if you are interested in oil or gold, be sure that you have knowledge and experience in oil or gold. Identify oil or gold countries and see if they have all the products and services you need to operate your business. Decide how your investment will impact the development of such country and its citizens because you may not be admitted if some countries think that there is nothing there for them in return. They may think that you are coming into the country to rip and steal what they have.

Engage in the business you have knowledge, skill, experience, and expertise in rather than just involving yourself to what you think will generate money for you. There is nothing wrong in doing so, if you are willing to take certain amount of risks. Be careful on how much advice you will take from those who will persuade you to go into a business that you have no experience in. Having experience will create believability and promote your credibility. Also, be aware that these countries have intellectual and educated men and women. Therefore, do not think that because it is Africa, that everyone is dumb or ignorant. You will be making a great mistake to think so. Your conduct or participation in a country development will help in convincing the citizens to trust and believe their educated scholars and citizens. It is quite often said that a prophet is not known in its own town, your participation will reaffirm the citizens of what they have been told by their educated scholars and citizens.

You stand a good chance of gaining more than you bargained for, if you engage in the development of the country of your choice. Such country will offer you other opportunities that you did not ask for or want due to your honesty and credibility. The rate at which profit is generated is high in African countries than in the developed countries. Therefore, go ahead and make some money.

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